We will be there every step of the way at a time when you will need our assistance the most from:

1. Contacting your Insurer on your behalf

We will call your relevant Insurer/s and notify them of what has happened.

2. Completion of Claim Forms

We will assist you with completing the relevant documents required.

3. Submitting your claim to the Insurer

We will lodge your claim forms with the Insurer and confirm with you when this has been actioned.

4. Follow up on your claim

We will contact your Insurer on a regular basis to make sure your claim is being assessed and advise you if any outstanding requirements are needed.

5. Make Sure your get Paid!

We will fight for you and ensure payment is made.


The most important thing for us is that you feel secure in the knowledge that the insurances you have in place, will act and respond when you claim. That is our greatest satisfaction.