Business Protection

How important are you to your business? For some, the answer will be ‘completely indispensable’! For most, you will at least be critical to the ongoing operation and profitability of the business. It’s a role that brings the rewards of building your income independently, but also the risks that threaten to destroy your livelihood if left exposed.

How important is your business to you? Many business owners know the value of protecting their personal income from the impact of sickness or injury…but have you ever considered what could happen to your business?

Your absence from the day-to-day running would see turnover fall, and expenses such as rent, leases and support staff continue unabated. The result could be a rapid decline into bankruptcy, and nothing to return to once you are back to full health.


From the confines of your hospital bed, or your recovery at home, you would be powerless to stop expenses eating up your business.

Everything you have worked to build up could evaporate in a matter of months, or even weeks!

Business Expenses & Keyman Insurances can make sure that your business can continue to operate if you can’t due to injury/illness.

What about if you are in partnership? Imagine the frustration if it was one of your business partners who was sick or injured. You would be working twice as hard but still sharing the profits.

Financial circumstances might even force you to take on a new, and perhaps unwanted partner.

If you were the one unable to work, consider the stress and sense of helplessness you would feel if you were a burden for your business partners to carry.

Fortunately, there are ways you can preserve the viability of what you have created and protect your business from being swallowed up by expenses and involuntary departure of one or more your business partners. It’s known as a Business Succession plan. JKSN Financial Services will advise, and assist you to implement this plan in place.