JKSN Financial Services

JKSN Financial Services are specialists in providing life risk insurance advice. We work with our clients to ensure their assets including relational, Personal and financial – can be protected in the event of unforseen events such as injury, illness or death.


JKSN Financial Services provides specialised and personalised advice on life risk Insurances.

If you have a life transition such as purchasing a new home and now have a mortgage, starting a new family (or additions to the family), or feel that a review of your current needs and situation is required please contact JKSN.

Our Processes

1. Getting to Know You – We listen to you, find what has brought you to JKSN and explain how we can assist you.

2. Collecting your information – We go through a Fact Find Questionnaire to understand more about your current situation including health and financial, your needs and objectives so that we can build our recommendation based on this information.

Latest news

Can you believe nearly half of the year has gone by?

For me with young children, I am amazed at how quickly time flies and that Term 1 has ended and it is school holiday time again.

I’ve just read an article from one of our Insurers that once again reinforces how important Trauma insurance is and what a difference it can make so I wanted to share it with you all.


I cannot recommend Shauna highly enough. If you are looking for insurance of any kind, Shauna is the perfect choice as your insurance broker. My husband and I first met Shauna about fifteen years ago, when we started our family and felt the need to make sure that we were appropriately insured. Since that first visit, Shauna has consistently provided us with excellent service –